Métodos em Pauta

Métodos em Pauta (MeP) is an academic initiative founded by Rodrigo Lins and me in 2018. Actually, MeP started as an event “from students to students,” which would bring discussions about techniques and topics that students themselves said they were interested in. In 2019, we held our first event: a two-day meeting where we discussed topics from the fundamental problem of causal inference to qualitative data analysis techniques, passing through transparency and open science. After the success of ours first event, we decided to transform it into an academic initiative. Since then, we have joined forces with other collaborators. We have carried out activities to democratize the discussion on quality in social research (meetings, talks, workshops, and even a podcast, called PodMétodos).

Where to find us?

You can keep up with our activities on our site. Also, we tweet at @metodosempauta, and you can find some video content on our YouTube Channel. Feel free to reach out! DMs and emails at metodosempauta@gmail.com are welcomed.